ZEISS redefines progressive lenses!

ZEISS lens designs are constantly optimized to ensure that they continue to meet the changing demands being made on our eyes by the modern world. ZEISS leaves nothing to chance: many years of experience in optics, a huge database filled with feedback from eyeglass wearers and special in-house technologies, processes and software tools lay the foundation for creating products that are precisely tailored to today's needs. ZEISS guarantees that only technically advanced products and fully tested technologies reach the market. ZEISS has now redefined its entire progressive portfolio, dividing it into four performance categories.

The completely new ZEISS Progressive Portfolio was a long time in the making. Why was it necessary to redesign all ZEISS progressive lenses in the first place?

If we look around us and just stop to think for a moment, we soon realize how much our lives have changed over recent years. Today, we are almost completely dependent on digital devices. Whether we use desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones, we are in constant mobile contact with our business partners, friends or family. Although modern technologies entertain us and facilitate our everyday work, it is important to know that they exert additional strain on our eyes, resulting in fatigue and other symptoms. Having to move our eyes constantly from near to far and vice-versa requires major effort from our eyes. ZEISS, a leading company in the fields of innovation and technology, has introduced its new Progressive Portfolio in order to better meet the needs of eyeglass wearers in this 'new' world and offer them comfortable, stress-free vision. What makes ZEISS progressive lenses so special compared to other brands? What are the differences?

Differentiation is the key word here. Compared to previous ZEISS lenses and progressive lenses from other manufacturers, the design of the new ZEISS Progressive Portfolio not only takes smooth, natural vision at all distances into account. We have now sharpened our focus on the near range. This covers both the short viewing distances we need for our daily work and our smartphones and tablets and the standard reading distance. The design is optimized to ensure dynamic eye movement from near to far and back again. You can move around freely without any signs of fatigue or dizziness. This is guaranteed by our unique innovation: Digital Inside® Technology.

How have the needs of progressive lens wearers changed?

We all want to have clear vision at all times, especially when we have to move our eyes constantly from one distance to another. This leads to eye strain. We would like to be dynamic, and don't want our progressive lenses to be a hindrance. We want to look good and see well, regardless of what prescription we need. Individualization and adaptation to the wearer's lifestyle are becoming more and more relevant. Each of us is unique, and we all have our own very personal needs.

What role does fashion play in progressive lenses?

The cosmetic factor is very important – not only when selecting the frame, but also in lens development. We at ZEISS always look for the perfect match between the frame, the lenses and the wearer's visual quality. That's why Precision Technology is so vital and why it is a standard feature of all new progressive lenses.

We enjoy a high degree of freedom in our everyday lives these days. So why should we accept compromises in our lifestyle – or in our appearance?

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