How Ray-Ban Became a Legend

For almost 80 years Ray-Ban has been forging its name as the most iconic brand in eyewear. From their application in the military, protecting pilots eyes from the sun, to helping the rich and famous shield themselves against the paparazzi; Ray-Ban have become the go-to choice for everyone from beach-goers to movie stars.

• ‘The Ray-Ban Aviator’, their first style, initially went on sale to the public in 1937.

• After the Second World War Ray-Ban created their second most iconic set of sunglasses, ‘The Wayfarer’.

• It wasn’t until the 1950s that Ray-Ban turned into the latest must-have fashion brand.

• The sixties saw major growth with Ray-Ban, expanding from 30 styles to 50 by 1969 for men, women and children.

• In 1999, Ray-Ban was acquired by the Luxottica group for a cool $640 million.

In conclusion the company really found its footing as a military provider – only later to be heavily adapted by the general public – aided by Hollywood, of course. The idolization of the silver screen stars of the age helped to change the course of one of the most iconic eyewear brands the world has seen, and continues to do so in the modern day.

So next time you’re popping on your sunnies, spare a thought for the eternally stylish James Dean and his cooler-than-cool brigade as, without him, it’d probably still be sitting exclusively on the eyes of your next Delta pilot.

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