Eyewear Trends: In With The Old!

American culture has been so youth-obsessed for so long, But over the past few years, as fashion’s campaigns hit the Internet one by one, a trend emerged: designers are using their priciest media real estate to celebrate senior citizens.

KATE SPADE: Clean-cut and cheery Kate Spade of New York released their ad featuring the advant-garde big glasses loving Aris Apfel, 93 yrs young to be their brand ambassador.

KAREN WALKER: New Zealand designer has chosen a group of women between the ages of 65 and 92 to model in her summer 2013 eyewear adverts. Walker said she was inspired by the older womens' zest for life.

CELINE: Cool, minimalistic Céline of Paris followed suit and broke the internet. Their muse is Joan Didion, 80 yrs young, as their Spring 2015 campaign model. Coming from the leading fashion house, you can imagine this catapulted the growing trend further.

Seems tides are changing from the norm now, women don’t care as much about pleasing men, especially when it comes to fashion. For many women—notably, the ones with disposable income—clinching a husband is no longer the main goal.

The older and wiser and more financially stable we become on our own, the less we want to revert to our ungainly, insecure teenage years, when we beguiled men precisely because of our helplessness.

Instead, we want to look ahead at what the future holds; maybe one day, we, too, can be as self-assured and confident as Joan Didion and Iris Apfel. Photos of powerful, beautiful, fully formed women not only transfix us visually, but also show us what can happen if we really get to know ourselves and, by extension, our personal style.

Do you think it's refreshing to see a celebration of style at any age, or do you think it's a fad?

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